The Notre Dame Club
of Northwest Indiana


Your cost: $10 for ONE quilt raffle ticket or THREE quilt raffle
tickets for $25.
The winning tickets will be drawn on December 15, 2006. 
We will ship the quilts in time for Christmas 2006.

Option 1. Pay by Mail
Make checks or money orders payable to the “Notre Dame Club of Northwest Indiana.”
PLEASE include your contact information (name and full address and phone number) in your letter. 
Mail your check to:
Notre Dame Club of Northwest Indiana
P.O. Box 4434
Hammond, IN 46324

Option 2. Pay online using PayPal® 
The safe way to pay online. No PayPal account needed; you only need a credit card.  If you happen to have a PayPal account, you can use it to pay for raffle tickets.

Click on the LEFT button to make a donation of $25 (for three tickets) at
Click on the RIGHT button to make a donation of $10 (for one ticket) at

$25- three tickets

  $10 - one ticket
Clicking on either PayPal "Donation" button will quickly and safely do the following:
This is all done on PayPal's secure website, and not on our website. 
Neither our club nor our members ever see your financial information; only PayPal does.
Our PayPal account belongs to board member Jesse Guadiana.
His PayPal account e-mail address is jguad1 -at- yahoo -dot- com.

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